The worst pandemia has changed all the businesses in particular the restaurant industry.  Long are the days when we could walk into a restaurant and enjoy a meal without having to wear a mask or maintain social distancing. 


Scientist say Coronavirus is Airborne


Coronavirus regulations has so far focused on social distancing measures and regular hand-washing but has stopped short of the airborne transmission. Hundreds of scientist are urging the World Health Organization to take airborne transmission seriously saying tiny particles can spread coronavirus, not just big droplets. Coronavirus is not just spread through large droplets and direct contact with infected people, but also through microscpic particles that lingers in the air indoors up to 16 hours and infect those nearby when inhale them into their lungs. “Aerosol droplets are so small that they can remain suspended in the air especially in an stagnant indoor space for many hours”  Dr Scott Weaver with UTMB said.


Social distancing is not a guarantee


Our team took a new approach with the design of a new 11,000 sf seafood restaurant with an occupancy load of 550 people and Café del Beso and Pixza Pizzeria at Old Town Harrisburg.  In addition to the sanitizing station that will include a temperature sensor, toilet fixtures will be all automatic.  The problem is not what we breathe but also everyting we touch. Toilets were modified by reducing any type of hand contamination by using automatic doors, electronic high temperature faucets, electric hand dryers and soap dispensers to minimize touching any objects.


Perhaps the most important improvement will be with the ventilation system. Rather than increasing outside air we decided to filter the return air and introduce  UV lights inside the ductwork.   A/C equipment will be adjusted to provide a greater negative pressure and all return air will pass through a three stage cleaning system using filters and UV lights.  UV lights remove 92% of the germs.


Although the medical experts anticipate a vaccine within one year, unfortunately, it will take longer to get people to feel comfortable of walking into an empty restaurant. Social distancing will hurt restaurants for the next couple of years.  It is not economically feasible to operate a restaurant with a 25% to 50% occupancy. We introduced special seating with transparent dividers to eliminate the feeling of enclosed spaces. The beauty of eating out is the noise, laughter and music inside a restaurant.  We can bring back that feeling by using booths with light transparent curtains.  We are separating a source of contamination without eliminating the visual focus or noise and letting the filtered ventilating system work on the airborne contamination.


It is important for the customer to have the feeling that everything inside the restaurant will be clean, secured and all the particles removed from the air by an effective sanitizing system. Casinos use a negative draft to eliminate the smoke from the air.


It will be a challenge to examine the different types of businesses like banquet halls with  occupancies of 200-700 people, bars, coffee shops and so on.  We are presently working on new  coffee-pizza shop concept with waitresses on roller skates like Mel's Drive-In of the 60's.


Enjoy your meal.



Architect Julio del Carpio

Delca Design Group




  1. no thank you, i would not even enter your stupid restaurant if they check temps, NOT A PRISON PLANET. I would never invest in something like this, how stupid


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